Stray Rescue’s St. Louis’ Pups on the Patio took place at Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Saturday September 24th, 2016.  It was a beautiful night for the event with people and pooches from all over the Saint Louis area meeting and mingling while enjoying Hors D’oeuvres and drinks on the patio. Tickets were $45 dollars per person in advance of the event and $50 dollars per person at the door.  Ruth’s Chris Steak House is located at 1 North Brentwood Boulevard Clayton, MO 63105.

Stray Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues pets abandoned, abused, neglected forgotten about. They provide needed medical attention to all animals received and then work to get them ready for adoption to their forever homes.

Stray Rescue was founded in 1998 by Randy Grim as a full-fledged non-profit organization and shelter. As Randy states: I still have no idea how I did it, except that I had no choice. Stray Rescue has received numerous accolades from the American Red Cross and also has received national media attention from Animal Planet, National Geographic, the Weather Channel and Forbes Magazine. Now with Quentin on board, his story has been featured in People Magazine and on It’s a Miracle television show. In the National Geographic feature, Mary Ann Mott wrote: “In St. Louis, Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue, is out on the streets every day feeding 50 or more mutts. If these wild dogs don’t die of sheer starvation, he said, diseases such as parvovirus, heartworm, or intestinal parasites usually kill them. Their average life span is one to two years. Many of the animals he sees were once “bait dogs” – smaller, passive animals used to train fighting dogs. Great Dane puppies are commonly used, he said, and wire is twisted around their legs to hold them down, so they can’t run while being mauled during training sessions. “If they live, they are just discarded onto the streets,” said Grim. The animals are recognizable by their missing limbs, and scars from the brutal attacks. Since starting in 1991, I am credited with saving 5,000 feral dogs, all of which – through months of gentle, loving care – have been turned into house pets and adopted by new families. Some have even gone on to become therapy animals, bringing joy to people in hospitals and nursing homes.” Animal Planet’s “Wild Rescues” television show featured Stray Rescue in action.

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