The 2nd Annual World Chess Club, Strategy Across the Board Gala was held Saturday, December 1st in the Starlight Room of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. More than 300 guests and members attended to celebrate not only Fabiano Caruana’s new “World Chess Champion Challenger” achievement, but also to celebrate it’s progress in introducing, improving and exciting the academic confidence of young students learning to play Chess as a fun and vital skill in problem solving.  Members of the 2018 US Olympiad Chess Team were on hand as well as players from across the world. At Dinner the guests listened to John Urschel give a keynote address, then Mike Matheny spoke encouragingly as Chess Club Spokesman. Guests also heard from Peter Blumeyer, Chairman, Francis Slay, Honorary Chair,

The World Chess Hall of Fame is located in St. Louis and this year the St Louis Chess Club celebrates 10 years of success including it’s Grand Chess Tour and the growing interest in it’s Scholastic Chess Initiative.