What is RAWartists? An international artistic forum spotlighting independent talent in: visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music performance art, beauty,  crafts, tech and photography.  St. Louis recently became another chapter of this NPO to display locally talented artists on Thursday August 22nd! Held at The Palladium in downtown St Louis guests were treated to a showcase plethora of mixed medias like no other! Music, dance and fashion show, juggling, hoops, comedians, and a magician (all local talent) continued through the night. Not your mother’s art show! Food trucks were stationed outside and a full cash bar inside.  Guests arrived between 7pm and 9pm, art was on sale -at below your mother’s art fair prices- with above average works of art!

RAW is a fun and alternative way for creatives to showcase both to their local community and the world at large via social media. Not the average art show this is LOUD, COLORFUL, CREATIVE, and all about the artists. RAW is simply unfiltered.

Mission: To serve independent artists with tools, resources, education and exposure needed to thrive and succeed in their  creative careers.  Founder & CEO, Heidi Luerra: “We believe that we are stronger together than we are apart. By joining together we can do more to share the creative culture of our generation. We think that every independent artist deserves the opportunity to be seen, heard and loved.”

For more information about RAW Stl, and to participate every 90 days as an artist or guest: Local contact: https://rawartists.com/stlouis    or    www.rawartists.org