The 2019 annual Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball, which ALIVE Magazine and the Riverfront Times have called the “social event of the season,” was once again a well-attended gala in the Gotham-like Rotunda of City Hall. A party with striking visuals, both alive, static, light and sound and all Mardi Gras! It featured fine cuisine, cocktails, dancing and entertainment ranging from traditional to spectacular. The Caterer was Butler’s Pantry, The Bands were Funky Butt Brass Band at 7:00 PM, at 9:00 PM Disco Nites featuring Coco Soul and
at 11:00 PM DJ Mahf.

This charitable event was hosted by the Mardi Gras Foundation, and the proceeds go to create community grants that have shown demonstrable benefits to the Soulard and Downtown communities since 2003. For more info call Olivia at 314.771.5110.