City of Clayton’s Party of the Century!

The City of Clayton recently held its Party of the Century at the Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis Ballroom, Friday November 29, 2013, to recognize the city’s 100th anniversary. It turned out a once-in-a-lifetime party with a civic purpose–a hip-shaking, groundbreaking multi-generational community-wide event.

Revelers started the evening with a nostalgic scene stepping up to the old Record Bar for cocktails, stopping by Glaser’s Drug Store for root beer shots and penny candy, or munching on Parkmoor sliders. It was “back to the future” in the ballroom with live music and dancing. In addition to performer Redd’s fancy footwork with partner Ebony Bryant, guests were able to feast on a range of hearty delectables, including sushi, vegetarian favorites and scrumptious desserts.

The event became an unforgettable evening featuring fashions styled by the stars of the Style Network docu-series “Resale Royalty”, delectable food favorites, an open bar and live music from the St. Louis All Stars/Fabulous Motown Revue featuring Kim Massie, Theo Peoples from the Four Tops/Temptations, Arvell Keithly and Charles Glenn.

This year has proven memorable, as the Clayton Century Foundation (CCF) partnered with Centenial planners to support special events and with the City to invest in priority projects. In 2008, the Clayton Century Foundation was launched with the vision that residents and businesses could join together to help the community thrive as a regional leader in public art, history, parks, and sustainability. Now five years later CCF celebrates the “Century” that remains part of this first-time nonprofit’s name and congratulates all of its neighbors, businesses, elected officials, civic leaders, and the many volunteers who have stepped up to enhance the City of Clayton and its unique community.

Early in 2013, the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council conducted an essay contest in which students were asked “What will Clayton be like in 100 years?” Through essay, art and video, the winners envisioned Clayton as a place with hovercrafts, brain to brain communication and neighborhoods that float in the sky.

In the Spring of 2014, the city will continue the centennial tribute by burying a time capsule in Hanley Park. The capsule will be filled with items that commemorate the centennial year, such as the new Clayton history book, various centennial giveaways, the essay contest winners predictions, and items with historical significance.

Today, the City of Clayton continues its leadership in the region and is well positioned for the challenges of the next 100 years.