The 9th Annual Maplewood Coffee Crawl was another sell out for both the AM and PM editions. The rainy cool weather did not detract the “Crawlers” as they sipped warm coffee and sampled delightful treats from the quaint shops along historic Maplewood’s Route 66 and Sutton Blvd. Regional Roasters offered tastes and demonstrations for the self guided crawlers who discovered new shops or revisited their favorite shops and made this the social event of spring.  Participants: Kakao Chocolate- Stringbean Coffee, Reeds American Table-Coma Coffee, Living Room, Larder and Cupboard-Kuva Coffee, Traveling Tea, Mauhaus Cat Cafe-La Cosecha Coffee, Vom Fass-Goshen Coffee, Strange Donuts-Kaldi’s, All Out Nutrition & Wellness-Organo Coffee, Mystic Valley-Goshen Coffee, Shlafly Bottleworks-Kaldi’s, Pie Oh My-Park Avenue Coffee, Foundation Grounds-Blueprint Coffee, Great Harvest Bread CO.-La Cosecha Coffee, Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream-Ronnoco Coffee, Stone Spiral-Riley’s Coffee, Tapped-Chauvin Coffee, La Cosecha Coffee Roasters.

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